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02.25.18 @ 6:30pm - Jamie Cat Callan discusses and signs Parisian Charm School

03.13.18 @ 6:30pm - Publication Party! Mark Sarvas (w/Marisa Silver) discusses and signs Memento Park

03.15.18 @ 6:30pm -hot for food YouTube sensation Lauren Toyota discusses and signs Vegan Comfort Classics

03.16.18 @ 12:00pm - Author luncheon with Kristin Hannah for her new novel, The Great Alone. Call the store to purchase a ticket.

03.20.18 @ 6:30pm - Publication Party! Dean Sluyter discusses and signs Fear Less

03.22.18 @ 6:30pm - Nina Brochmann and Ellen St√łkken Dahl discuss and sign The Wonder Down Under

03.25.18 @ 6:30pm - Luis Alberto Urrea discusses and signs The House of the Broken Angels

03.29.18 @ 6:30pm - Photographer Jimmy Steinfeldt discusses and signs Rock 'N' Roll Lens Vols. I & II

04.03.18 @ 6:30pm - Carol Muske-Dukes discusses and signs her new poetry collection Blue Rose

04.05.18 @ 6:30pm - Diana Saltoon-Briggs discusses and signs Wife, Just Let Go: Zen, Alzheimer's, and Love

04.08.18 @ 3:00pm - Kids! Andrew Weiner reads and signs his new picture book Down by the River

04.15.18 @ 3:00pm - Susan Goldman Rubin discusses and signs her new YA bioCoco Chanelr

04.17.18 @ 6:30pm - James Dorsey discusses and signs his travel essays Baboons for Lunch: And Other Sordid Adventures

04.19.18 @ 6:30pm - Hilary Zaid (w/Josh Gershick) discusses and signs Paper is White

04.24.18 @ 6:30pm - Maurya Simon and Peggy Shumaker discuss and sign their new poetry collections The Wilderness and Cairn

04.29.18 @ 3:00pm - Kids of all ages! Bruce Eric Kaplan reads and signs his new picture book Someone Farted

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