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Start: 3:00 pm
   Diesel, A Bookstore in Malibu welcomes local author/illustrator Fireball Tim to the store to celebrate the publication of his new book, Fireball Tim's Big Book of Wacky Rides!, on Sunday, February 10th at 3:00 pm.Come by to listen to Tim talk to parents and kids about his passion for Wacky Rides!, take a look at his one-of-a-kind illustrations, listen to music, and, partake in the scrumptious food provided by Dolores Rivellino, aka The Godmother. Inspired by his intense love of cars, animals and creativity, Big Book of Wacky Rides! is a mad-cap take on inanimate objects transformed into cool cars. Each illustration stands on its own as an amusing story, delighting children and parents around the world.  From the Olympic "Spoonster" to the "Snot Rocket," these crazy rides take kids of all ages on a journey of the imagination and unique design exploration.Fireball Tim is Hollywood's go-to guy for wild and wacky rides. His creative thought and design, TV shows and toys populate kids' rooms around the world, spurring fun and zany ideas among many.   From Hot Rods to Custom Cars, Movie Cars to Muscle Cars, he has done them all with youthful enthusiasm and inspiration. Fireball Tim has built an extensive and unique career in the film industry, having designed vehicles, weaponry, props, costumes and environments for hundreds of major features, TV and commercials.  His credits include stints as a designer for Walt Disney Imagineering from 1991-93 and Universal Studios Theme Park to movies like Priest, Gone in 60 Seconds, Batman, Monster Garage, Jurassic Park, GI Joe, Knight Rider and The Avengers.Constantly in demand as an Automotive Design Expert, AutoBlogger and Journalist, Fireball Tim is most sought-after now as an Automotive TV host, with many appearances on the Discovery Network and Speed Channel, including World's Most Expensive Rides, Extreme Rides and Street Tuner Challenge.  He has millions of followers through his Web Series on YouTube.Born in Hollywood California in 1965, Fireball Tim Lawrence (his legal name)  comes from an esteemed Hollywood family, including screenwriters Anthony, Ethan,  and Dee-Harris Lawrence. Under his previous company, Toystore Films, Fireball became an accomplished award winning actor/director for independent films and commercials. He's lived in Malibu, California since 1992 with his wife Kathie.
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