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A DIESEL book bundle is a thoughtful collection of books hand-selected by one or more DIESEL booksellers. We choose books we think you'll love based on a short questionnaire, below. You tell us your reading preferences, and we'll put together a bundle based on the answers you provide.

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How do I order a book bundle?

Visit our DIESEL book bundle page here and select the price point that's right for you ($30 Kids, $50, $75, $100, $150, $250).

How will you choose which books will go in my bundle?

Each book bundle asks you to complete a short questionnaire that will help us ensure we're selecting only books we think you'll love. There are also comments fields where you can be as specific as you like about what you love or don't love.

Do you offer book bundles for kids?

Yes! We can offer bundles for newborns and infants, pre-schoolers, early readers, pre-teens, teenagers, adults, or any combination of age ranges. We have books for the whole family.

Can I give a book bundle to someone else?

Of course! Book bundles make great gifts, and we'd love to find a bundle of great titles for your loved one, regardless of how much you know about their reading preferences

What if I'm buying one bundle with books for multiple readers?

When filling out the questionnaire, you can select all genres which apply to the order, and you can leave comments to clarify each individual's reading preferences if you like. Or, once you've filled ordered your book bundle, you can give us a call to make sure we understand what (and who) you're looking for.

How do I get the books? Can you ship them?

Book bundles can be picked up in person (either curbside or in store when browsing is permitted), or they can be shipped for a small additional fee.

I still have questions...

We'd love to speak with you! Please contact us at one of our locations:

Brentwood: (310) 576-9960; brentwood@dieselbookstore.com

Del Mar: (858) 925-7078; delmar@dieselbookstore.com