The Art of Reading: Havisham Hour

Each of us reads for different reasons. I daresay even when our reasons are said to be the same – e.g., “distraction,” “education,” “entertainment,” etc. – we’re usually describing something unspeakably and maybe unintentionally personal.  There is an art to reading, and it creates as much as (perhaps more than) it consumes. In this series of posts, we highlight people who take this notion to heart.

* * *

The Havisham Hour



Julio Panisello, the artist behind "The Havisham Hour," describes his fascinating project:

"Each day I read a single page of [Charles Dickens's The Great Expectations]. After reading the page I use it as format to create artwork inspired by the words in it. I then scan the sketched page and publish it, along with a brief journal entry, exactly at 8:40 AM each day, on my local time, the time in the novel when Miss Havisham receives a letter on her wedding day announcing her groom is not showing up.

The project started January 7th, 2013 and it will end June 12th, 2014: 521 days, 521 pages, 521 sketches."

The execution of his idea is as stellar as the idea itself. Do yourself a favor and follow along