And now, our own Alison Reid, Diesel co-owner, interviewed by the San Diego Union-Tribune!


"I think that literacy is so important to society. The idea that people can passively, in a way, and in a solitary way, take on information. We are always being fed so much – whether it’s Facebook or whatever, things are being put in our face – but here, readers take the time to select – What will I learn about now? What will I read about now? I’m sure it alters your brain patterns, and I think it does make for a nicer person. We are so lucky. You hear horror stories of retail or restaurants, but we don’t get that because, as I say, our readership has already pre-sorted people that are coming in the bookstore." -- Alison Reid


John Evans on What We Wore Podcast


Our own John Evans was featured on the What We Wore Podcast recent episode.

Listen Now

John Evans is the co-owner of Diesel, A Book Store with his wife Alison. In an industry that seems to be working against them, they’ve created an independent book selling legacy for over 30 years in California. This episode offers a unique perspective into the world of independent bookstores and how, as John says, "book selling may not always be a good living, but it’s a good life".

What We Wore is a podcast hosted by Laura Vinroot and features standout fashion icons and talented industry leaders. For Laura Vinroot Poole, Capitol has never really been about fashion... it has always always been about the people. From the designers she meets on the road to the editors and friends she hosts in-store, Laura gets to know our guests on a deeper, more authentic level through What We Wore.

Diesel Del Mar is for Sale!


Dear Friends,

With this letter we announce that Diesel in Del Mar Highlands, San Diego is for sale. We have spent the past 33 years establishing and nurturing our bookstores. It has been deeply satisfying for the two of us to build a business together and to watch it take off. In 1989, we opened our first bookstore. We wanted it to be fun, smart, helpful, engaging, accessible to everyone, discerning, and delightful. At the time, we were different than many other stores in the area -- we were a bit more playful; our selection was a bit deeper than other general bookstores our size; and we were intensely reader-focused, providing excellent customer service, because we cared. We still do -- about books, about people, about culture, and about our society. We brought our distinct, and distinctive, styles, knowledge, and sensibilities to it all. And people liked it. We still do all of that, and still have wonderful booksellers who believe in that.


The New Classics Book Club has selected a new book!


Our selection for April will be The History of Love by Nicole Krauss. Next meeting will be Tuesday, April 12th at 2 pm.

cover of bridge of the history of love

Click the cover image to get the book from DIESEL!

The New Classics Book Club will meet once a month on Tuesdays at 2pm outside in the courtyard. This month the Book Group will take place on April 12th.

To be added to the list, please email Please note that group size will be limited to 20.


Announcing the New Classics Book Club



We're excited to announce our new Classics/Modern book club. We'll meet once a month, alternating every month between a classic work and a modern work. We'll talk about the intersection of ideas and the breadth of writerly influence across literary, historical, philosophical, and political spectra. Sign up for profound conversation and a chance to read those books that have been on your list forever (or experience books you know and love in an entirely new way). 

We'll meet once a month on Tuesdays at 2pm outside in the courtyard.* To be added to the list, please email Please note that group size will be limited to 20.

*if this time doesn't work for you but you are still interested, feel free to add your name in case of time changes

Happy Holidays!


Thanks for all of your support this year and this Holiday Season! 

It has been a great pleasure providing you with the books

you want and need, for yourselves and as gifts to others. 

We will be closed on Christmas Day and also on Boxing Day --

and will be resting, reading and recovering. 

See you on Monday December 27th!

-- John, Alison & all Dieselfolk