The Rise of "Cosmic Horror"


We are but days away from Halloween, and while it is nearly too late for me to make the changes to my get-up that will adequately distinguish James Joyce (circa, the Eye-Patch years) from a bog-standard pirate, it's never too late to read for you to some good horror! I'm quite fond of this recent list by Flavorwire, discussing the new wave of "Cosmic Horror": "There is something about the material fear of the ineffable, the strange, the alien that chimes more with the sad music of my soul."

Jojo Moyes in Oakland!


Our luncheon with Jojo Moyes in Oakland was a blast! Jojo moved to different tables for each course so she could chat with all her fans ... we loved that!

Thanks to Marica Restaurant for preparing an excellent meal and providing excellent service. And so many more thanks to all who attended this memorable luncheon! Be on the lookout, more luncheons on the horizon. 

We've Been Tidying Up the Joint!


Last fall we invited you to help us celebrate our 25th anniversary by contributing to an IndieGoGo campaign. This summer, the fruits of your generosity have begun growing.

Back in late-May you in Oakland might've noticed a new set-up at the front counter. The computers had moved, you observed! Indeed, we pointed out, they have been moved and changed! Transactions became noticeably faster! Gone was the dot-matrix screech! That was Phase One.

This is Phase Two: PAINT! Tell us what you think of the new look.