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Dear Friends,


With this letter we announce that Diesel, A Bookstore in Brentwood is for sale. We have spent the past 35 years establishing and nurturing our bookstores. It has been deeply satisfying for the two of us to build a business together and to watch it take off.


Thanks Jake Tapper!


Thanks Jake Tapper! We love hearing from happy customers! If you have stopped by Brentwood or Del Mar and picked up a new favorite book, make sure to tag us @dieseldelmar or @dieselbookstore. Happy shopping and happy reading!


Freedom To Read Statement

Join us in supporting the Freedom To Read. Take a look at the information below provided by The Unite Against Book Bans Organization. 

Seventy years ago, leaders from across the literary world joined together in writing to condemn attacks on free expression. The statement at the heart of that endeavor, the Freedom to Read Statement, was authored by the American Library Association and Association of American Publishers over a period of several days. It begins with this timeless observation:
The freedom to read is essential to our democracy. It is continuously under attack.   
A resurgence of attacks on the freedom to read again threatens our democracy. Calls for book bans, the adoption of unconstitutional legislation, and campaigns to criminalize the work of librarians, teachers, booksellers and other individuals for distributing materials protected by the First Amendment threaten our fundamental liberties. 


National Book Lover's Day


National Book Lover's Day!

Wednesday August 9th 2023 

Books can take you to different worlds and expand your horizons. They can take you anyplace at anytime!  In honor of National Book Lovers Day August 9, we celebrate our world of books and all of you that enjoy them!  

Happy Father's Day


Father's Day is June 18th! Here are some books (and they are signed copies!) that would make great gifts for the dads in your life.

Limited signed copies available of the titles, select a link below to purchase a signed copy.

Guardians of the Valley: John Muir and the Friendship that Saved Yosemite by Dean King 

The Rescue by T. Jefferson Parker  and other titles 

You Might Go to Prison, Even Though You're Innocent by Justin Brooks 

What It Takes to Save a Life: A Veterinarian's Quest for Healing and Hope by Dr. Kwane Stewart 

Lost In the Game by Thomas Beller 

Happy May Day


May Day Toast to the Workers of the World
by Gary Snyder

"Let's drink a toast to all those farmers, workers, artists and intellectuals of the last 100 years who without thought of fame and profit . . . worked tirelessly in their dream of a worldwide socialist revolution, who believed and hoped that a new world was dawning and that their work would contribute to a society where one class does not exploit another, where one ethnic group or one nation does not try to expand itself over another, and where men and women live as equals.  The people who nourished these hopes and dreams were sometimes foolishly blind to the opportunism of their own leadership, and many were led to ideological absurdities, but the great majority of them selflessly worked for socialism with the best of hearts. . . .  The failure of socialism is the tragedy of the 20th century and . . . we should honor the memory of those who struggled for the dream of what socialism might have been.  And begin a new way again." -- Gary Snyder, 2000

LA Times Book Awards ~ Shortlist!


The finalists for the 43rd Los Angeles Times Book Prizes were announced Wednesday, with Rachel Howzell HallJames Hannaham and George Saunders among the nominees for the annual literary awards.


Want to read some of the nominees works? We carry many in store and online. 

James Ellroy will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award. 

James Ellroy Books


James Hannaham Books

Rachel Howzell Hall Books

George Saunders Books 

Anna Dorn Books

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