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April Is Poetry Month!

DIESEL has always been a welcoming home for poetry and a site for poetry's exuberance!  This month we are going to either introduce you or reintroduce you to poetry that has made its way onto our website over the years and that has entered our ears over the past months via various podcasts that you may have missed. 

Podcast Interview with John from DIESEL

Dear Reader,

Vik Singh does these hourlong + (!) podcast interviews with booksellers, called Bookstories.  (I just recently heard Allison Hill's and loved it!) Anyway, Vik interviewed me a few months ago and just aired it.  You may or may not be interested in listening to this while you are driving, or drinking a cocktail at home, or on the treadmill.  I really enjoyed talking with him and we delved into many things bookwise.  Hope you get a kick out of this.
Here’s the link: 

Young Adult Newsletter May 2018

Reading is an adventure!


Dear Reader,

Welcome to our May YA Newsletter! Exploration of other worlds, internal and external, continue in these reviews of contemporary YA fiction. Entertaining and intriguing, they give a great vantage on power relationships, emotional challenges, and the wonderful diversity of our world as well as their own. As Lindsey writes in this newsletter: "These stories, though often set in unrelatable worlds, have something that everyone can relate to."

Happy Reading!

John & all DIESELfolk