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"visceral, eloquent and beautifully redemptive" -- Toni Morrison

High (& appropriate) praise from Toni Morrison for Ta-Nehisi Coates’ new book, Between the World and Me. It releases Tuesday, 7/14, but can be pre-ordered today

Summers Are For READING!

Summer reading doesn’t have to be light. It just needs to be extra-good to compete with the sunshine. Maybe our display table in Oakland will help you pick. 

"Torrential, Gut-Bucket Jazz"

A great piece in the NYRBlog by one of our favorites (Geoff Dyer) about one of our favorites (Ornette Coleman -- RIP).

"Bookshops encourage browsing, dawdling and discovery. "

The UK Guardian kicks off their coverage of Independent Bookshop Week in grand style, with a piece we cannot but completely endorse and sing aloud from the rooftop -- i.e, we've posted it throughout our social media presence, too. 

Ten Years of Europa Editions

You're celebrating ten years of Europa Editions with us, aren't you?

Did You Like This? Then . . .


Did You Like?





Then Check This Out!


For more info, see the Paris Review interview of Angel Flournoy.


Memorial Day Weekend Reading: "Rivers"

We were very excited to see one of John Keene's stories featured as a VICE ExclusiveCounternarratives is a phenomenal, provocative book, and "Rivers" stands out immediately as one of the stories that will be most disc

Beer Here! Get ya Beer (Lit) Hee-yah!

It is no secret, we suppose, that Oakland's co-managers, Chris & Brad, have a taste for drinks whose ABV is well-north of 0%. So it was perfectly normal that our friends at the Literary Hub asked them to cobble together a short reading list in honor of beer


A Different Sort of March Madness

It's funny . . . the longer the days become, the quicker they seem to pass. How on earth is the Tournament of Books already up to the second round?!? There's still plenty of time to jump aboard for the semifinals and onward -- not to mention to jeer & cheer the results of the previous weeks' selections. If I was a betting man, my money'd be on a nip & tuck final between Marlon James' A Brief History of Seven Killings and Elena Ferrante's Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay. I'll keep my championship pick close to the chest for now, though. 

What about you? Who are you cheering for? mourning? feeling was unjustly booted?