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What if you could sit down with some of the most talented security engineers in the world and ask any network security question you wanted? Security Power Tools lets you do exactly that Members of Juniper Networks' Security Engineering team and a few guest experts reveal how to use, tweak, and push the most popular network security applications, utilities, and tools available using Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Unix platforms.

Designed to be browsed, Security Power Tools offers you multiple approaches to network security via 23 cross-referenced chapters that review the best security tools on the planet for both black hat techniques and white hat defense tactics. It's a must-have reference for network administrators, engineers and consultants with tips, tricks, and how-to advice for an assortment of freeware and commercial tools, ranging from intermediate level command-line operations to advanced programming of self-hiding exploits.

Security Power Tools details best practices for:

  • Reconnaissance -- including tools for network scanning such as nmap; vulnerability scanning tools for Windows and Linux; LAN reconnaissance; tools to help with wireless reconnaissance; and custom packet generation
  • Penetration -- such as the Metasploit framework for automated penetration of remote computers; tools to find wireless networks; exploitation framework applications; and tricks and tools to manipulate shellcodes
  • Control -- including the configuration of several tools for use as backdoors; and a review of known rootkits for Windows and Linux
  • Defense -- including host-based firewalls; host hardening for Windows and Linux networks; communication security with ssh; email security and anti-malware; and device security testing
  • Monitoring -- such as tools to capture, and analyze packets; network monitoring with Honeyd and snort; and host monitoring of production servers for file changes
  • Discovery -- including The Forensic Toolkit, SysInternals and other popular forensic tools; application fuzzer and fuzzing techniques; and the art of binary reverse engineering using tools like Interactive Disassembler and Ollydbg
A practical and timely network security ethics chapter written by a Stanford University professor of law completes the suite of topics and makes this book a goldmine of security information. Save yourself a ton of headaches and be prepared for any network security dilemma with Security Power Tools.

About the Author

Bryan Burns is the technical editor and general project leader of this book. He is the Chief Security Architect for Juniper Networks with more than a decade of experience in the security networking field and with numerous posts at leading network security companies.All other contributors are security engineers and researchers working at Juniper Networks in various posts both in the security network lab and in the field.Dave Killion (NSCA, NSCP) is a senior security research engineer with Juniper Networks, Inc. Formerly with the U.S. Army's Information Operations Task Force as an Information Warfare Specialist, he currently researches, develops, and releases signatures for the NetScreen Deep Inspection and Intrusion Detection and Prevention platforms. Dave has also presented at several security conventions including DefCon and ToorCon, with a proof-of-concept network monitoring evasion device in affiliation with several local security interest groups that he helped form. Dave lives south of Silicon Valley with his wife Dawn and two children, Rebecca and Justin.Nicolas Beauchesne is a network security engineer specializing in network penetration. He has worked with Juniper Networks for the past two years.Eric Moret is originally from France and lives with his wife and two children in the San Francisco Bay Area. He obtained his Masters degree in Computer Sciences in 1997. He currently works at Juniper Networks where he manages a team dedicated to testing and releasing network protocol decoders for security appliance products. In addition to writing he enjoys traveling the world, photography and, depending on the season, snow boarding the Sierra Nevada or scuba diving Mexican caves.Julien Sobrier is a network security engineer at Zscaler. He works on the web security in the cloud. He was previously working for Juniper Networks. His experience was on the Intrusion Detection and Preventions systems. He is also the creator of http: //, a URL shortener focused on security.Michael Lynn is a network security engineer at Juniper Networks. He has worked there for the past two years.Eric Markham is a security engineer. He has been with Juniper Networks for the past five years.Chris Iezzoni has been a security researcher and signature developer with Juniper's security team for several years.Philippe Biondi is a research engineer at EADS Innovation Works. He works in the IT security lab, and is the creator of many programs like Scapy or ShellForge.Jennifer Stisa Granick is the Civil Liberties Director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Before EFF, Granick was a Lecturer in Law and Executive Director of the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School where she taught Cyberlaw and Computer Crime Law. She practices in the full spectrum of Internet law issues including computer crime and security, national security, constitutional rights, and electronic surveillance, areas in which her expertise is recognized nationally.Before teaching at Stanford, Jennifer spent almost a decade practicing criminal defense law in California. She was selected by Information Security magazine in 2003 as one of 20 Women of Vision in the computer security field. She earned her law degree from University of California, Hastings College of the Law and her undergraduate degree from the New College of the University of South Florida.Steve Manzuik has more than 13 thirteen years of experience in the information technology and security industry. Steve founded and was the technical lead for Entrench Technologies. Prior to Entrench, Mr. Manzuik was a manager in Ernst & Young's Security & Technology Solutions practice. Steve co-authored Hack Proofing Your Network, Second Edition (Syngress, 1928994709).Paul Guersch is a security technical writer and one of the developmental editors of Security Power Tools (O'Reilly). He has been with Juniper Networks for a year and a half.
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