Bygora Vandos Sinclair V-Log LB734/A (Paperback)

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One of the worst crimes against humanity the space cop has ever witnessed. The people of Bygora Vandos just wanted to know what was killing their trees and poisoning their soil. The mysterious Calmarin Research Station promised to do just that, but that was years ago and still there was no answer. An unexplainable death catches the attention of the Law Enforcement Agency, and Sam Sinclair is despatched to investigate. Working undercover with his new partner Ren, they begin the slow process of working their way into the company. Sam finds many allies amongst the local people but with his cover blown and Ren taken prisoner, he no longer knows who can be trusted. As the job reaches its explosive climax and the personal cost to Sam takes its toll, the shocking truth finally comes out.

About the Author

Merita King has loved the science fiction and fantasy genre in both books and movies since she was a young child. She has been greatly inspired by years of watching movies and reading books and has wanted to make a contribution to this genre for many years. Her stories all contain a spiritual thread as she believes that spirituality is universal and crosses all boundaries. She believes that the creative process is largely intuitive and can be very effectively blocked by too much pre-planning. "Plot lines, characters and events all come to me intuitively," she says, "and this makes the act of writing a constant pleasure." She lives alone, with her vivid imagination, in Hampshire, UK.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780957052079
ISBN-10: 0957052073
Publisher: Merita King
Publication Date: October 5th, 2013
Pages: 206
Language: English