Delectus Morbidium (Paperback)

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An anthology of short horror stories, designed to disturb, frighten and shock you to the core. Just what does the cleaning woman discover when she presents herself for work at the home of the recently widowed elderly woman? Brandy is excited when her new boyfriend asks her to come and meet his parents for the first time, but little does she know what lies in store for her up at the rambling house on the other side of the wood. Santosh has been a fan of singer Hannah Tate for years, but a chance meeting with her quickly destroys his infatuation. Little does he know, when he vents his anger on his website, the effect those words will have on him later. and more.

About the Author

Merita King has loved the science fiction and fantasy genre in both books and movies since she was a young child. She has been greatly inspired by years of watching movies and reading books and has wanted to make a contribution to this genre for many years. Her stories all contain a spiritual thread as she believes that spirituality is universal and crosses all boundaries. She believes that the creative process is largely intuitive and can be very effectively blocked by too much pre-planning. "Plot lines, characters and events all come to me intuitively," she says, "and this makes the act of writing a constant pleasure." She lives alone, with her vivid imagination, in Hampshire, UK.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780957052086
ISBN-10: 0957052081
Publisher: Merita King
Publication Date: November 30th, 2013
Pages: 144
Language: English