Artorious' Raw Dialogues And Insights In The Art World (Hardcover)

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Artorious' Raw Dialogues And Insights In The Art World

As a contemporary art dealer, I have always wanted to make a coffee table book about contemporary art. However, I do not want to make another coffee table book only with enlarged artwork images and dry statements. I want to make one that functions as a hammer, a rustic but loud enough alarm clock that you put on your coffee table so that whenever you open any page of this coffee table book, you will find a note or two about the unfiltered and brutal truth about the contemporary art world that you can always refer back to remind you of certain things many good and experienced art world people know and practice on a daily basis, but few will tell you unless you have developed a deep friendship with them.

If you know me from other places, you will know that I prefer to share the art world's insights in an unfiltered and brutal way. I firmly believe and experienced through my three decades of art dealing that the more artists, art collectors, and art dealers know how the art world operates at a higher level, the more great artworks and great art collections and great gallery programs and great art advisories we may see in this world.

This book has brought together my in-depth dialogues and conversations with selected artists, collectors, and dealers. It well as a trove of rapid-fire insights I have shared on my platforms online.

I intentionally decided to keep this book's format as raw as possible so you as a reader can truly experience the raw emotion from me and my selected artists, collectors, and dealers when we are discussing specific key topics concerning the contemporary art world, such as work placements, the destructive impact of art flipping, the proper ways for artists to sell works from their studios, and the key things art collectors should keep in mind when building generational art collections, along with many other topics that matter in the art world.

I hope this coffee table art book can be a hammer and alarm-like coffee table book in your home so that it can remind you of a thing or two about the art world when you are reading it.

About The Author

Artorious has been dealing contemporary art for 30+ years. With many old blue-chip generations passing away and the new generation emerging ones being clueless about work placement and the art market, Artorious decided to get into the virtual ring to guide some.

From time to time, Artorious will share his insights on Instagram and Patreon.

Instagram: @Artorious007


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ISBN: 9781087933009
ISBN-10: 1087933005
Publisher: Artorious
Publication Date: December 9th, 2020
Pages: 184
Language: English