Crime and the Disabled (Paperback)

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Master Roy Day has addressed this subject with a comprehensive, encyclopedic approach in Crime and the Disabled. This book covers personal safety, crime prevention, and self-defense for the walking, rolling, and institutionalized disabled. It presents to the public the martial art RoPo Kenpo, the martial art used in the We Defend System of Self Defense. Crime and the Disabled is an absolute Must Read if you have a loved one in an institution, or you are in an institution, or are active disabled. In the sister book the We Defend System of Self-Defense Manual the system revealed in Crime and the Disabled is shown in an easy to use manual. It demonstrates in large easy to follow photos how to take the hand of an attacker and through joint manipulation bring them to submission or break their wrist. Learn how to defend against a punch and how to attack the eyes to blind or the throat for a knockout or lethality. Learn to take away a knife or a gun. Master Day offers sound advice to large segments of the disabled community and their loved ones on how to live a safer life. He offers a self-defense art for those in chairs and techniques for those using canes, crutches, and electric chairs, and strategies for those with loved ones in institutions.
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ISBN: 9781304878212
ISBN-10: 130487821X
Publication Date: March 11th, 2014
Pages: 390
Language: English