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1. Anne McCaffrey raves about the fantasy of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, "Every now and then you come across an author, or in this case, a pair, who write exactly what you want to read, the characters and personalities that make you enjoy meeting them. . . . I rarely rave on and on about stories, but I am devoted to Lee and Miller novels and stories. Start at the beginning, dear reader, and you will be rewarded with a sanctuary you can escape to, as I do when this world we're stuck with is impossible to endure."

2. Mary Balog, author of Slightly Dangerous, heartily agrees: "I was mesmerized, awed, and totally entertained. I am hooked by the Liaden world. Bravo "

3. Sharon Lee and Steve Miller's The Sword of Orion (Phobos Books) was a Locus best seller.

4. Lee and Miller have published ten novels (from Ace and Meisha Merlin) in their popular Liaden series.

5. Lee and Miller have a huge internet presence and a rabid fan base, as determined for their best-selling series for the Liaden series e-books on Baen.com..

6. Will appeal to readers of Mercedes Lackey and Lois McMaster Bujold.

7. Advertising in Locus, Romantic Times, and more.

8. Includes teaser chapter for the sequel, Longeye.

Rebecca Beauvelley is a ruined woman.

In a moment of girlish folly, she allowed a high-flying young man to take her up in his phaeton, not realizing that he was drunk. When he dropped the ribbons, she recovered them, but not in time to avoid disaster. The young man was killed in the accident. Rebecca survived, with a withered arm to remind her of the wages of folly, and a reputation in tatters.

Against all expectation, her father has found someone, an elderly rogue, who will marry her. Rebecca's life seems set, and she resigned to it, when Altimere, a Fey, appears and uses his magic to show her two futures: In the first, she is abused and neglected as the dutiful wife; in the second, she is dressed and bejeweled like a princess. Rebecca chooses the second future and elopes with Altimere.

Unfortunately, Altimere has an agenda of his own.

The first of a two-book series. Watch for the sequel, Longeye, coming April 2009.

About the Author

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller live in the rolling hillls of Central Maine with two insistent muses in the form of cats and a large cast of characters. The husband-and-wife team's collaborative work in science fiction and fantasy include twelve novels and numerous short stories in their award-winning Liaden Universe(R). In addition to their collaborative work, Steve has seen short stories, nonfiction, and reviews published under his name, while Sharon has seen published short stories, newspaper pieces, and two mystery novels. Steve was the founding curator of the University of Maryland's Kuhn Library Science Fiction Resesarch Collection and a former Nebula juror. For five years, Sharon served the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, consecutively as Executive Director, Vice President and President. Sharon's interests include music, seashores and pine cones. Steve also enjoys music, plays tournament chess, and collects cat whiskers.
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ISBN: 9781416591672
ISBN-10: 1416591672
Publisher: Baen
Publication Date: February 24th, 2009
Pages: 496
Language: English