Eye of the Storm (MP3 CD)

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By John Ringo, Mark Vietor (Read by)
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This is book number 11 in the Legacy of Aldenata series.


Beneath A Banner Burned...
In an instant the world changed for Lieutenant General Michael O'Neal. His beloved Corps of the last remaining ACS destroyed beneath the guns of the Fleet, his staff shot before his eyes, arrested on the charge of war crimes, he faces a short, one-sided, trial, a trip to the Fleet Penal Facility and a bullet to the back of the head while trying to "escape."

The Boundaries Blur
General Tam Wesley faces trying one of the most beloved heroes in Federation, not to mention a friend of decades, on trumped up charges. The alternative is having the last corps of humans that haven't sold their souls to the Darhel be taken apart like a chicken. Then he finds out the bad news....

The Chaos Has Returned
With a new invasion from a previously unknown race threatening the Federation capital, Darhel Tir Dal Ron faces his ultimate nightmare: he is going to have to reinstate the one man human soldiers trust, a man with the power and knowledge to destroy the Darhel oligarchy forever. And instead convince him, against all logic, to save the Darhel.

Somebody is going to die. General Michael O'Neal, Supreme Commander, Federation Forces, just has to pick who.

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ISBN: 9781423395201
ISBN-10: 1423395204
Publisher: Brilliance Corporation
Publication Date: July 7th, 2009
Language: English
Series: Legacy of Aldenata