Torch of Freedom (Crown of Slaves #4) (Mass Market)

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New York Times Best Seller.
Wall Street Journal Best Seller.
First Time in Paperback.
A New Novel in David Weber’s Best-Selling Honor Harrington Universe


      As the slavemasters of Mesa plot against the Star Empire of Manticore and the newly liberated slave planet of Torch, Anton Zilwicki and the notorious Havenite secret agent Victor Cachat set off on a dangerous mission to uncover the truth concerning a wave of mysterious assassinations that have been launched against Manticore and Torch. Most people are sure that the Republic of Haven is behind the assassinations, but Zilwicki and Cachat suspect others of being the guilty party.

      Queen Berry of Torch was one of the targets of the unknown assassins. The former head of the Ballroom slave liberation organization, Jeremy X—now one of Torch's top officials, but still considered by many the most dangerous terrorist in the galaxy—calls in some past favors owed to him. In response, a security officer from Beowulf arrives in Torch to take charge of Queen Berry's security—a task made doubly difficult by the young monarch's resentment of bodyguards and the security officer's own growing attachment to her.

      Meanwhile, powerful forces in the Solarian League are maneuvering against each other to gain the upper hand in what they all expect to be an explosive crisis that threatens the very existence of the League itself.

About the Author

David Weber is author of the New York Times best-selling Honor Harrington series as well as In Fury Born and other popular novels. With Steve White, he is the author of Insurrection, Crusade, In Death Ground, and the New York Times best seller The Shiva Option, all novels based on his Starfire SF strategy game.


Eric Flint, with David Drake, has written six popular
novels in the Belisarius series, now being reissued in
hardcover omnibus volumes, and with David Weber
collaborated on 1633 and 1634: The Baltic War,
novels in the Ring of Fire series, and on Crown of
, the prequel to Torch of Freedom and a best
of the year pick by Publishers Weekly. Flint received
his masters degree in history from UCLA and was for
many years a labor union activist. He lives in East
, IL
, with his wife and is working on more
books in the best-selling Ring of Fire series.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781439134085
ISBN-10: 1439134081
Publisher: Baen
Publication Date: December 28th, 2010
Pages: 880
Language: English
Series: Crown of Slaves