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An all-time great science fiction novel by a legendary master Fred Saberhagen bundled together with seven tales set in Saberhagen's Masks universe--all written by a gathering of top-level authors including New York Times bestsellers David Weber and Harry Turtledove. These star contributors take on Saberhagen's central idea: an ordinary human puts on an ancient mask and is transformed into a god--but is also taken over by the god's personality for better and worse.

Mike Gabrieli's ne'er-do-well brother Tom has disappeared after mysteriously gaining possession of a priceless Aztec artifact. Now Mike sets out on a quest for Tom that takes him back in time to the dawn of the Spanish Conquest of South America. The descendants of the Incas have a plan to keep Pizarro and his conquistadors from overthrowing their ancestors' empire. Mike is sympathetic, he now faces the very real possibility that, while creating an alternate world with the Incas ascendant, he may be wiping out his own future in the process.

In addition to Fred Saberhagen's novel The Mask of the Sun, seven top writers have contributed stories set in the same universe. The contributors include New York Times best-selling authors David Weber and Harry Turtledove, as well as Walter Jon Williams, John Maddox Roberts, Jane Lindskold, and more, expanding on Fred Saberhagen's concept and bringing their own perspectives to this volume of exciting alternate universe adventure.

About Fred Saberhagen:
"Immensely, deservedly popular."--Booklist on SF legend, Fred Saberhagen.

." .. original and truly excellent. . . ."--Science Fiction Chronicle

" . . . intelligent, lively, fun-loving adventures. . ."--The New York Review Science Fiction

About the Author

Fred Saberhagen was the top-selling author of many popular science fiction and fantasy series. His Berserkers menaced the universe for over 40 years. His "Swords" and "Lost Swords" stories caught the imagination of many fantasy readers. Equally intriguing are his exploits in the area of historical fantasy where figures such as Hitler and Lincoln, Daedalus and the pharaohs, populated his alternate worlds. Before becoming a writer, Saberhagen served in the US Air Force, worked as a civilian electronics technician, and wrote and edited articles on science and technology for the Encyclopedia Britannica. Born and raised in Chicago, he later resided in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he died in 2007.
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ISBN: 9781451637748
ISBN-10: 1451637748
Publisher: Baen Books
Publication Date: December 27th, 2011
Pages: 636
Language: English