Probability for Statistics and Machine Learning: Fundamentals and Advanced Topics (Springer Texts in Statistics) (Paperback)

Probability for Statistics and Machine Learning: Fundamentals and Advanced Topics (Springer Texts in Statistics) By Anirban Dasgupta Cover Image
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Chapter 1. Review of Univariate Probability.- Chapter 2. Multivariate Discrete Distributions.- Chapter 3. Multidimensional Densities.- Chapter 4. Advance Distribution Theory.- Chapter 5. Multivariate Normal and Related Distributions.- Chapter 6. Finite Sample Theory of Order Statistics and Extremes.- Chapter 7. Essential Asymptotics and Applications.- Chapter 8. Characteristic Functions and Applications.- Chapter 9. Asymptotics of Extremes and Order Statistics.- Chapter 10. Markov Chains and Applications.- Chapter 11. Random Walks.- Chapter 12. Brownian Motion and Gaussian Processes.- Chapter 13. Posson Processes and Applications.- Chapter 14. Discrete Time Martingales and Concentration Inequalities.- Chapter 15. Probability Metrics.- Chapter 16. Empirical Processes and VC Theory.- Chapter 17. Large Deviations.- Chapter 18. The Exponential Family and Statistical Applications.- Chapter 19. Simulation and Markov Chain Monte Carlo.- Chapter 20. Useful Tools for Statistics and Machine Learning.- Appendix A. Symbols, Useful Formulas, and Normal Table.

About the Author

Anirban DasGupta has been professor of statistics at Purdue University since 1994. He is the author of Springer's Asymptotic Theory of Probability and Statistics, and Fundamentals of Probability, A First Course. He is an associate editor of the Annals of Statistics and has also served on the editorial boards of JASA, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, International Statistical Review, Statistics Surveys, Sankhya, and Metrika. He has edited four research monographs, and has recently edited the selected works of Debabrata Basu. He was elected a Fellow of the IMS in 1993, is a former member of the IMS Council, and has authored a total of 105 monographs and research articles.
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