Blood Enemies (Under Jurisdiction #7) (Mass Market)

Blood Enemies (Under Jurisdiction  #7) By Susan R. Matthews Cover Image
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THE LEGENDARY, CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED UNDER JURISDICTION SERIES CONTINUES! The latest entry in Matthew's Under Jursidiction series, now in mass market paperback.

Andrej Koscuisko is a former Fleet Medical Officer for the enormous totalitarian star empire, the Jurisdiction. But when he served in the Fleet, Andrej’s real job was not medicine, but to act as a torturer. Years ago, he left that life behind. But now The Angel of Death, a savage terrorist organization, means to capture the system he calls home. The only way to bring down an organization that has slain whole systems of men, women, and children is for Andrej to embrace the savagery in his own heart and once again take on the role of Judicial torturer.

About Blood Enemies:

"A very satisfying entry in a very scary series!"—Janis Ian

"Starting with An Exchange of Hostages, I devoured Susan R. Matthews 'Koscuisko' novels—all six of them—when they first appeared. Books with this much courage, clarity, and empathy are rare. The Under Jurisdiction series is a remarkable and unprecedented accomplishment.”—Stephen R. Donaldson, New York Times best-selling author of the Thomas Covenant series.

More praise for Susan R. Matthews:

“[Matthews] brilliantly uses science fiction’s freedom of creation to make a world in which she can explore deep moral conflicts.”—Denver Post

“. . . has a dark energy . . . an extremely compelling read.”—New York Review of Science Fiction

“A chilling and engaging novel of false accusation and the power of personal responsibility.”—Booklist on Angel of Drestruction

“A tightly woven space opera full of grand heroic gestures and characters strong enough to sustain all the action.”—Booklist on The Devil and Deep Space

About the Author

Susan R. Matthews has been living with protagonist Andrej Koscuisko of her “Under Jurisdiction” series for a very long time (in a manner of speaking).  Her wife is getting pretty tired of it, too, but he was there first.  Maggie and Susan have only been married for thirty-seven years.

Although her own branch of service during her two-year stint on active duty was Medical Administration (where being constantly mistaken for a nurse just because she was a female officer was a constant irritation – tells you how long ago that was), she has recently immersed herself in the history of German U-boats in World Wars I and II.  In the absence of new English-language books on the subject she considers that her next logical step is to learn to read German.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781481483346
ISBN-10: 148148334X
Publisher: Baen
Publication Date: May 29th, 2018
Pages: 384
Language: English
Series: Under Jurisdiction