Surviving Amnesia - Mind Over Memory (Paperback)

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Imagine what it's like to lose your memory. This is the true story of a mother and son who beat impossible odds. Surviving Amnesia - Mind Over Memory is a philosophical and inspiring exploration of acute memory loss, the power of accepting what you can't change, and defying what you're told to accept.

About the Author

ADAM BURNS - After an epic battle with amnesia Adam has written novels, plays and screenplays, and shown his art internationally. He lived on Greyhound buses for a year writing his first novel In Like Flynn, and adapted his second, The House Made of Wheels into a feature screenplay. He's currently writing his third novel, enjoying life in New York with his lovely wife Romy. MAUREEN BURNS - From the age of eighteen and for every other decade since, Maureen has battled with cancer and won. This stood her in good stead for Adam's fight with amnesia. Later in life she achieved her life long dream and graduated with BA in Literature. She has written Journey to the Self, the story of her life experience, travels and career, and Collage, a collection of shorter pieces.
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ISBN: 9781490586373
ISBN-10: 1490586377
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: July 15th, 2013
Pages: 230
Language: English