The Darkness That Comes Before: The Prince of Nothing, Book One (Paperback)

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The Prince of Nothing series is a dark, philosophical fantasy epic about the guttering light of humanity in a world full of horror waiting to devour them in the most horrible, messy, traumatic ways possible. It's quickly become one of my favorite book series despite the soulcrushing bleakness to the whole thing. I know full well there'll be no happy ending, but it's just so good, I'm willing to take that hellish emotional ride. Followed by The Warrior-Prophet and The Thousandfold Thought.

— From Joey


About the Author

R. Scott Bakker is a student of literature, history, philosophy, and ancient languages. His previous books include the Prince of Nothing trilogy: The Darkness that Comes Before, The Warrior Prophet, and The Thousandfold Thought. The Aspect-Emperor series is a sequel series that includes The Judging Eye,The White-Luck Warrior, The Great Ordeal, and The Unholy Consult. He lives in London, Ontario.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781590201183
ISBN-10: 1590201183
Publisher: The Overlook Press
Publication Date: September 2nd, 2008
Pages: 608
Language: English
Series: Prince of Nothing