Chakra Divination Cards & Charts Activity Book (Paperback)

Chakra Divination Cards & Charts Activity Book By Melissa Alvarez, Melissa Alvarez (Concept by), Melissa Alvarez (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Melissa Alvarez, Melissa Alvarez (Concept by), Melissa Alvarez (Illustrator)
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Chakra Divination(TM) (Patent Pending): Conduct Intuitive Energy Readings Using Chakra Cards & Charts to Balance Your Chakras. A New Divination Method to find the Problem, Course of Action and Solution to Chakra Imbalance. Chakras are the internal spinning wheels of energy that keep us harmonized and balanced. When these energy centers are off balance and out of alignment you may feel blocked and out of sorts. Chakras integrate our mind, body and spirit, allowing us to realize our fullest potential and oneness of being. Chakra Divination(TM) is the first method specifically created to use cards and charts to do intuitive readings on your chakra energy. This patent pending concept is a unique and groundbreaking approach to chakra work. The secrets of your chakras lie hidden in the cards. With this innovative system, you will discover the problem, the course of action you should take and the solution that will bring balance to your chakras. Designed as an activity book to have pages removed and cards cut out allowing you to take part in creating a deck that is personal to you. As you cut out the cards, you'll fill them with your own intention and program them to bond to your energy. This allows a deeper spiritual connection when you read for yourself or for others. You can even write your name or other information on the backs of the cards. Yes, it's a different and unorthodox approach, one that makes the cards more personal and truly "your" deck, a combined creative activity between you and the author.
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ISBN: 9781596110380
ISBN-10: 1596110384
Publisher: Adrema Press
Publication Date: July 1st, 2010
Pages: 80
Language: English