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Manhattan born Jack R Dick was a winner, always a winner. Highlighted as the person most likely to succeed in his High School magazine, a publication he happened to be editor of, this bright young lad not only paid his way through University with gambling and running back door trades, but graduated with 15,000 dollars to spare. After taking over his father's business in New Jersey, Jack soon got bored of regular work and hit Wall Street. Some would say his rise to a 12 million dollar fortune in just one year could be put down to luck but those who knew him, of which there were few, were aware that lady luck never even lent a hand. Others would see his early dealings and high-life as rather more questionable and soon they would prove it.In 1960, depressed and penniless, Jack started dreaming again, and this time, it was for the fresh air. Armed with just an idea, on a farm in Duchess County, New York, Dick masterminded one of the greatest ponzi schemes in history, sucking in millions of dollars of cash from the rich and famous, and investing it - in Angus cows
Even the legendary Bernie Madoff got pulled in.

Cash Cow is based on a true story of a man who repeatedly made history in the world of Livestock, Fine Art and, most extensively, fraud. Some names may have been changed, some figures glossed over, but the fast moving lifestyle of a charlatan who made and lost more money than anyone else before him is exposed for the very first time in this page-turning thriller.
'Just send him a few cheap ones, ' Jack pulled a grin, 'that guy Madoff wouldn't know his Angus from his anus '

Andy Frazier
Having had careers in livestock breeding, sales and computing in middle England, Andy Frazier moved to France nearly 10 years ago where he has now written in excess of 30 books on a variety of subjects. It was during research into a large volume about the history of cattle that Jack Dick first took his attention and, the more he uncovered, the more he realised that this story just had to be told.
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ISBN: 9781727849691
ISBN-10: 1727849698
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: January 8th, 2020
Pages: 216
Language: English