Wish You Were Gone (Compact Disc)

Wish You Were Gone By Kieran Scott, Cary Hite (Read by), Erin Deward (Read by) Cover Image
By Kieran Scott, Cary Hite (Read by), Erin Deward (Read by)


For fans of the Netflix hit original series Dead to Me comes "a captivating thriller" (Megan Miranda, New York Times bestselling author) about what happens when the death of a husband and father isn't the tragedy everyone believes. Emma Walsh's looks-great-on-the-outside marriage is at the breaking point, and she's finally worked up the courage to confront her husband James about his drinking--his alcoholic rages, his blackouts, the uncertainty and fear his behavior has created for her and their two kids. But James never shows up to meet her as planned, and all her righteous words go unsaid. And unsaid they remain, because the next time Emma sees James, his body is crumpled amidst the wreckage of his flashy car, smashed to its final resting place halfway through the back wall of their suburban house's roomy garage. In the aftermath of the fatal crash, she and her teenage children, Kelsey and Hunter, begin to imagine life without the looming, volcanic presence of their husband and father. Buoyed by the support of her two closest friends, Emma struggles to deal with her grief, complicated by the knowledge that James's legacy as an upstanding business owner and family man shines only because so many people were so willing, for so long, to keep his secrets--secrets that twist into new and unexpected shapes as the mysterious details of his last day of life begin to come to light.
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ISBN: 9781797134420
ISBN-10: 1797134426
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Publication Date: February 22nd, 2022
Language: English