Dragon Diplomacy: Analysing China's Rise (Paperback)

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Ever since China's rise to global power status, a strong narrative has emerged to explain and assess the impact of the return of this once Middle Kingdom. Unlike other great civilisations, the Chinese have made a comeback and are, today, exerting their presence, in economic, political and military spheres. China is touted to not only challenge the might of the United States, but may even, surpass it. Following from this, a mainstream view point prescribes a much more hostile approach in dealing with China. China has to be contained, if not prevented from becoming the preeminent power in the future - replacing western dominance in world affairs.

This book tries to posit an alternative assessment of China's rise. Due to the far-reaching impact of China's economic and commercial arms, states have come to adopt a much more pragmatic approach, one that refuses to view this power in terms of a 'threat' perspective. A recognition of China's greatness does not necessarily place countries into a straightjacket of being subservient or playing second fiddle to Beijing. In a globalised world, to avoid being caught in the middle of a clash between these two titans, the United States and China, seems the most prudent stance, while at the same time deriving benefits from both sides.

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ISBN: 9781839750144
ISBN-10: 1839750146
Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing Limited
Publication Date: June 19th, 2020
Pages: 186
Language: English