Underworld and Deeper (special edition): Two volume Set Hardcover (Hardcover)

Underworld and Deeper (special edition): Two volume Set Hardcover By Chris Allaun Cover Image
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The Underworld has always been thought of as a place of darkness and despair. Even today there are many misconceptions about what awaits inside. Some cultures have their own unique perspective, but surprisingly, many across the world have similarities. Can this be a coincidence?

We will learn how to journey there in the astral and map this incredible world. But be careful Along with its many wonders and beauty, there are things that lurk in the dark that myths through out the ages have warned us about. For the shaman or witch, are these warnings to keep us away or to teach us how to commune with these ancient spirits and creatures?

As we journey deeper into the Underworld, we will discover where the long forgotten dead rekindle our spirit and teach the ways of magick. They are waiting and have much to say. Sit and listen to the wisdom of ancient times. Discover places of healing and rejuvenation where hags guard magick wells. Waters of life and death spring from a source so old, no one remembers whence it came from. Wonderful and beautiful places but also dark and dreadful, the Hellworlds. The Underworld will test your spirit and what you thought was reality. You may never be the same, but will be transformed, renewed, and powerful.

The Underworld is strange, wondrous and cannot be contained. Sometimes, spirits of the dead will not be bound, they stay in the world of the living. You learn why the spirits of the dead are here and how to help them journey to a place of rest. A spirit of the dead may be right with you now...

Deeper into the Underworld we go...

The Underworld is home to our beloved ancestors, those who gave us our flesh and blood and our breath. Their blood flows through our veins and contains great magick and power. They have the ability to help us heal old karmic wounds of the past and aide us in our spiritual development. They can teach us many things about the world of spirit. All we have to do is honor them. All we have to do is call to them. The cycles of Life are sacred to our pagan and magical cosmology, but what of Death? As we honor life, so, too, must we honor the sacredness of death and dying. As we go further in our Underworld studies, we will learn about the Angel of Death and energetic process of dying. Death is not the end. It is a magical transition into the world of spirit where we are rejoined with our beloved ancestors. The Ancestors are our link to our past. We will learn to honor them and create a sacred shrine so that we may commune with them in a magical and healing way.

By honoring the ancestors, we will strengthen our bonds with the spirits and learn to heal our family karma that began long ago and affects us even today. By learning to work with the ancestors, we will learn to work with the spirits of the dead for magick and healing. We will learn how ancient cultures summoned the beloved dead to heal grief and say final goodbyes. We will also learn magical techniques to summon the shades of the dead and the Hidden Company; those powerful spirits that can teach us ancient wisdom of long ago that can help us tread our spiritual path to find balance and healing.

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ISBN: 9781914153105
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Publisher: Mandrake of Oxford
Publication Date: April 21st, 2022
Pages: 442
Language: English