Confessions of a Headmaster (Paperback)

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In this entertaining and inspiring memoir, renowned educator Paul Cummins candidly shares his journey from privileged kid and ivory-tower scholar to hands-on progressive educator, working to achieve social justice through education for all youth: from children of celebrities to foster and incarcerated youth and those facing sometimes unimaginable circumstantial hurdles to education and accomplishment—proving time and again that all children can succeed given appropriate support.

About the Author

Paul Cummins, renowned educator and founder, CEO, and President of Coalition for Engaged Education (formerly New Visions Foundation), is committed to creating opportunities for all children to have equitable access to a quality education. He has founded and co-founded numerous schools including Crossroads School, New Roads School, Camino Nuevo Charter School, and New Village Charter School, as well as P.S. Arts, an NPO providing arts classes to children in Title I schools.
Cummins has published four books on education, a biography, two volumes of his original poetry, and two children's books. He has a forthcoming book entitled Engaged Education: New Visions for Joy and Success in Learning.

Praise For…

“It’s easy to look at the kind of progressive education that has become the norm in top schools throughout Los Angeles and assume that it’s always been that way, but it hasn’t. When Paul Cummins founded Crossroads School, in 1971, the boys at Harvard School were wearing military uniforms, and the girls at Marlborough white gloves.  Private school was for the rich, the white, the privileged.  But Paul Cummins thought it was time for that to change. Confessions of a Headmaster is the story of that change, the story of the birth of the kind of open, enlightened, diverse education we all take for granted today, told in a warm and engaging way by the visionary in our midst who made it happen.”
—Victoria Shorr, co-founder of the Archer School for Girls, co-founder of the Pine Ridge Girls' School
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ISBN: 9781939096401
ISBN-10: 1939096405
Publisher: Xeno Books
Publication Date: September 30th, 2015
Pages: 367
Language: English