Slow Moe: A Snail Tale (Paperback)

Slow Moe: A Snail Tale Cover Image
By April Pedersen (Illustrator), April Pedersen
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Slow Moe was born into a place no snail wanted to be. Nobody noticed the egg hatching; the youngster stretched and looked around, feeling small and all alone. He was greeted by row upon row of snails just like him, as far as the tiny eye could see. Soon upward movement caught his gaze: a group of snails was creeping up a nearby pipe towards the ceiling "Crawl onto my shell and we'll get you out of here," a young snail in the rear shouted. Moe decided he wanted life to be an adventure, so he latched on for parts unknown...and ended up on a journey much bigger than one little snail could imagine. Will Moe find a safe, loving-and most of all-fun place to call his own? Find out in Slow Moe: A Snail Tale, written and illustrated by April Pedersen. This small book full of big heart is perfect for the classroom, humane education work, and family reading time for children 6 and up.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781946044280
ISBN-10: 1946044288
Publisher: Who Chains You
Publication Date: May 31st, 2018
Pages: 38
Language: English