Hyde & Seek (Compact Disc)

Hyde & Seek By Simon R. Green, Nathaniel Priestley (Read by) Cover Image


With the monsters of old wiped out, Daniel and Tina of Hyde, Inc., face a greater foe-- from beyond the stars.

Whatever happened to all the old monsters?

The vampires, the werewolves, the ghouls--Daniel and Tina Hyde wiped them out, to make the world a safer place. But nature abhors a vacuum, supernature even more. Something has got to fill the gap left by all those monster clans. The question now is, what happened to all the old aliens, the Martians, the Bug-Eyed Monsters, the Reptiloids, and the Greys?

They're coming out of the shadows with a vengeance, and Daniel and Tina Hyde are about to discover that there are much worse things than monsters. Fortunately, the Hydes love a good fight.

Daniel and Tina are in for the fight of their lives, with the whole world at stake.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798212320597
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
Publication Date: May 7th, 2024
Language: English