The Most Valuable Coins Found In Pocket Change: Top 25 Coins To Look For! (Paperback)

The Most Valuable Coins Found In Pocket Change: Top 25 Coins To Look For! Cover Image
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The 25 Most Valuable Coins Found In Change

Making a list of the 25 most valuable coins found in change was no easy task. I had to factor in many variables: I could not include coins that are almost impossible to find - what's the point of listing them knowing you will never find one; I had to include coins that are found in change - half dollars, dollar coins and coins in special sets do not show up in change as a general rule, so they are not included; I had to include coins that have been found a number of times - not just once; and include popular coins that sell for a premium. It includes number of coins found for each of the 25, so you can focus on ones with higher numbers. This list has to show coins that you have a real chance of locating. Success is never guaranteed, but your chances are increased with this type of list.

Book Highlights:
  • Detailed pictures of all coins on the top 25 list
  • Bonus chapter on finding silver coins
  • Tools that enhance your efforts
  • Free resources on coins - including free publications
  • My email is included to provide help
  • How to get the best price for your coins
  • How to sell your coins so you do not get cheated
  • How to get your hands on large amounts of change

Product Details
ISBN: 9798592835131
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 11th, 2021
Pages: 66
Language: English