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Take a listen to a great podcast called Books Are My People with Jennifer Caloyeras, featuring John Evans, co-owner of Diesel Bookstore, as he talks about selling his independent bookstore, what he'll miss most and how books help us deal with difficult subjects such as war.  
Thanks to San Diego Magazine for featuring Bookseller picks from local Bookstores!
Check out the whole article here or see below for picks from Diesel, co-owner, John Evans.


Poet Akbar has written a startling novel with the whole world packed in it. Imaginative and deeply felt, it embraces a wild love of art, language, and the ways we humans create meaning.”





“This new book from one of North America’s finest fiction writers is a beautiful, sweeping, and intimate novel of heart, compassion, mystery, and wisdom. This one is a treasure in its form, its reach, and its artistry.”





“When a strange death occurs in the Empire’s backwater, it takes a pair of strangers to get to the bottom of what happened. Din, a boy with an eidetic memory, is assigned to be the assistant to Ana Dolabra, an investigator so blindingly brilliant, she literally blindfolds herself. Casually weird and incredibly fun for it, this is like if Knives Out took place in the world of Perdido Street Station.”



2024 San Diego Bookstore recommendation: Imagination: A Manifesto by Ruha Benjamin

“A kind of Braiding Sweetgrass for human society, Benjamin’s book embraces, highlights, celebrates imagination as a force to reckon with. Filled with visionary examples and strategies, this is the empowering we individually and collectively need to transform our human world into what it can be.”




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For Booksellers in L.A., a Partial Reopening Brings Hope and Anxiety

By Dorany Pineda via Los Angeles Times


On a recent Saturday afternoon, Hillary McMahon pulled up into a parking spot in Pasadena, where a sign attached to a traffic cone read: “Reserved for Vroman’s Curbside Pickup. Space 1.” She dialed the phone number listed below the sign and let the store know she was ready for her book.


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