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04.23.19 @ 6:30pm -Publication Party! Jo Giese discusses and signs her memoir Never Sit if You Can Dance

04.27.19 5th Anniversary of Independent Bookstore Day! Limited edition merchandise, fun, and games!

05.02.19 @ 6:30pm - Pulitzer Prize-winner Viet Thanh Nguyen w/Lisa See discusses and signs The Displaced

05.04.19 @ 11:00am - Storytime with Carter Higgins! Bikes for Sale in celebration of Children's Book Week!

05.05.19 @ 3:00pm - Cara Robertson discusses and signs The Trial of Lizzie Borden

05.07.19 @ 6:30pm - Publication Party! Janna King discusses and signs Malibu Bluff: A Seasonaires Novel

05.14.19 @ 6:30pm - Pico Iyer discusses and signs Autumn Light

05.12.19 @ 12:00pm - Author Luncheon with Tembi Locke for her new memoir From Scratch call the store for tickets!

05.19.19 @ 3:00pm - Matthew McGough discusses and signs The Lazarus Files

05.23.19 @ 6:30pm - Mieke Eerkens discusses and signs All Ships Follow Me

06.04.19 @ 6:30pm - Publication Party! Jason Turbow discusses and signs They Bled Blue: Fernandomania, Strike-Season Mayhem, and the Weirdest Championship Baseball Had Ever Seen: The 1981 Los Angeles Dodgers

06.11.19 @ 6:30pm - Publication Party! Alan Eisenstock discusses and signs Love Thy Neighbor

06.18.19 @ 6:30pm - Tracy Strauss w/Carmen Rios discusses and signs I Just Haven't Met You Yet

06.30.19 @ 3:00pm - Obi Kaufmann w/Marc Weingarten discusses and signs The State of Water

07.02.19 @ 6:30pm - Tim Kirk, Rob Zabrecky, and Tim Davis discuss and sign the short story collection The Feral Boy who lives in Griffith Park

07.14.19 @ 3:00pm - Publication Party! Ed Rucker discusses and signs his new legal thriller Justice Makes a Killing

07.23.19 @ 6:30pm - Chuck Klosterman discusses and signs his new collection of essays Raised in Captivity: Fictional Nonfiction Pre-purchase a copy to reserve a seat!

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