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04.24.18 @ 6:30pm - Maurya Simon discusses and signs her new poetry collection The Wilderness

04.26.18 @ 6:30pm - Elgin Baylor and Alan Eisenstock sign Hang Time

04.28.18 Independent Bookstore Day!

04.29.18 @ 3:00pm - Kids of all ages! Bruce Eric Kaplan reads and signs his new picture book Someone Farted

April 30- May 6th @ 6:30pm - Childrens' Book Week! Special story times with Mia!

05.01.18 @ 6:30pm - Publication Party! Francesca Lia Block (w/Sara Benincasa) discusses and signs The Thorn Necklace

05.03.18 @ 5:00pm - Diane Leslie's Book group with Mark Sarvas discuss Memento Park

05.06.18 @ 3:00pm - Dr. Nina Shapiro discusses and signs Hype

05.08.18 @ 6:30pm - Christine Lahti discusses and signs True Stories from an Unreliable Eyewitness Call the store to pre-order a copy to reserve a seat!

05.10.18 @ 6:30pm - Nisha Zenoff discusses and signs The Unspeakable Loss

05.13.18 @ 3:00pm - Todd Masonis of Dandelion Chocolate discusses and signs Making Chocolate

05.15.18 @ 6:30pm - Publication Party! Victoria Aveyard (w/Marie Lu) discusses and signs the final installment in the Red Queen series War Storm -Costume Contest!

05.17.18 @ 6:30pm - Julie Clark discusses and signs The Ones We Choose

05.20.18 @ 3:00pm - Melissa Broder discusses and signs The Pisces

05.22.18 @ 6:30pm - Cyrus Fairvar discusses and signs Habaes Data

05.24.18 @ 6:30pm - Janna King discusses and signs The Seasonaires

05.27.18 @ 3:00pm - Fran Hawthorne discusses and signs The Heirs

05.59.18 @ 6:30pm - Caeli Wolfson Widger (w/Julia Fierro) discusses and signs Mother of Invention

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