California Bookstore Day

California Bookstore Day, May 3rd

A wonderful thing happens when you walk into an independent bookstore. For starters you can't help but notice you're in a space that is not only filled with books but also surrounded by people who love them. As the pace of life and commerce continues to quicken, faster now even than a point and click of a mouse, independent bookstores have become all the more important. Here, there is as much room for the busy, quick-in and quick-out shopper as there is the "Sunday stroller" out on a Tuesday; the woman who knows what she wants and where it is, and the guy who just loves the smell of books. Independent bookstores are -- and we think will remain -- cultural destinations. And for this reason, DIESEL Bookstore is looking forward to celebrating the first annual California Bookstore Day.

When is it? May 3rd, 2014

What's happening? One-of-a-kind, limited-edition items will be available for one day at independent bookstores; stuff like unique books and art, signed prints and lithographs, bags and box sets! Take a look below at what we'll have available. You'll have to come by in-person to get your mitts on these great items.

Please note: Only 2 of any item per customer. We can't hold anything or sell over the phone. But there's lots of reason to come down to the store anyway.

While all four of our stores will have sales, specials, miscellaneous activities and games, food, and drink, here's some extra incentive to drop by:


- Mac n' Cheese courtesy of Homeroom in Oakland

- Libations from Emma Christensen, brewer and author of True Brews

- Live vintage acoustic music with Dodge's Sundodgers

- Literary karaoke and cocktails. 



- Mimosas in the morning, margaritas at night

- Bookstore Bingo

- DIESEL Derby Trifecta 



- Bookstore Bingo

- Quizzes, games, and prizes

- Louisiana Community Coffee served throughout the day



- Bookstore Scavenger Hunt

- Games and prizes