Celebrating a Life, Reading Diagrams, and Thinking About Charts

(1) We lost one of our great storytellers last week when Mavis Gallant passed away. If you've never read it, do yourself a favor and grab a copy of her superb Paris Stories. In the meantime, you can watch her here in conversation with Jhumpa Lahiri.



(2) I defy you not to get a twitchy purchasing-finger looking at this gorgeous collection of Reed-Kellogg diagrams of famous novels' first sentences designed by the folks at Pop Chart Labs




(3) The 2013 VIDA count was released last week to much deserved hullabaloo. If you're unfamiliar, the folks at VIDA are interested in holding editors and publications accountable for their (often quite shocking) disparities between male and female representation. As much as one might wish to hope good writing should somehow be genderless . . . well, let's just call that a pretty bloodless perspective, shall we, and leave it at that.