The Closing of DIESEL in Larkspur

Dear Reader,

The time has come for the closing of our Larkspur store at The Marin Country Mart.  As you may know, the landlord is earnestly trying to get a fine independent bookseller to open in our space, which has been a bookstore since 1978. 

We are sorry to be leaving you and hope that you soon are able to shop at another bookstore here.  Thanks for all of your support over the years and for your exceptionally kind words of appreciation these last few weeks.

Your awareness of what we’ve been trying to provide – high quality books across a wide range of subjects, authors, & publishers for children and adults alike – has been touching and reassuring.  It’s encouraging to hear your testimonies of the books you’ve found here, the help you’ve received from us, and the ways that the books and the bookstore have enriched your lives. 

Whenever you go to Southern California, we hope that you’ll stop in and see us at The Brentwood Country Mart, in Santa Monica.  You’ll find us continuing our labors to provide the best books for our community of readers, including you!

Thanks for your support & Happy Reading!
John, Alison & All DIESELfolk