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Events Policy

DIESEL, A Bookstore has had a vital Events Program since our inception, in 1989.  During the Covid pandemic we have moved our events online and are still trying to work out a program that is successful for all those concerned.  We have cut back considerably on our events due to these challenges. All inquiries regarding events should be directed to Nick Petrulakis at  We are unable to do events with all those who request them.  Please include information about you, your book, and your publisher, including ISBN and publication date and, of course, your contact information.

We have a contract for authors wanting to schedule events at our store.  It includes a guarantee of a minimum of 20 hardbacks (or 25 paperbacks) sold at the event.  This allows us to handle the considerable time and cost of putting on these events. 

Consignment Policy

Our stores do not have the resources to manage, carry, and maintain consignment titles at this time.  For local authors, please feel free to let us know if your book is available from Ingram.

You can also contact us with the form below.