A Day in the Life of Diesel: 25 Things Overheard

(1) "A bookstore!"
(2) "I'm so happy you're still here!"
(3) "Is Goldfinch out in paperback yet?"
(4) "I need coffee."
(5) "Do you have Americanah?"
(6) "I just want you to know, I tore up my Amazon Visa."
(7) "This is the store I was telling you about."
(8) "Do you have Americanah?"
(9) "Can I help you find anything?"
(10) "Do you have a bathroom for my son?"
(11) "Oh! I missed Geoff Dyer?!"
(12) "You really should sign up for our weekly newsletter."
(13) "Do you have a bathroom for my husband?"
(14) "Yup. I'm holding a copy in my hand. You want me to hold it for you?"
(15) "Where on earth is my husband?"
(16) "I'm looking for this book called Americanah. Have you heard of it?"
(17) "Look at all this H.D.!"
(18) "Who needs coffee?"
(19) "Is it true this used to be a bowling alley?"
(20) "Stop what you're doing and read this."
(21) "You didn't cry at A Fault in Our Stars? You're a monster!"
(22) "What do you know about this Norwegian author everybody's talking about?"
(23) "Which one of you wrote this shelf talker?"
(24) "This bottle of wine is not going to drink itself!"
(25) "C'mon, let's go in the bookstore!"