Diesel Del Mar is for Sale!

Dear Friends,

With this letter we announce that Diesel in Del Mar Highlands, San Diego is for sale. We have spent the past 33 years establishing and nurturing our bookstores. It has been deeply satisfying for the two of us to build a business together and to watch it take off. In 1989, we opened our first bookstore. We wanted it to be fun, smart, helpful, engaging, accessible to everyone, discerning, and delightful. At the time, we were different than many other stores in the area -- we were a bit more playful; our selection was a bit deeper than other general bookstores our size; and we were intensely reader-focused, providing excellent customer service, because we cared. We still do -- about books, about people, about culture, and about our society. We brought our distinct, and distinctive, styles, knowledge, and sensibilities to it all. And people liked it. We still do all of that, and still have wonderful booksellers who believe in that.

Over the years we’ve brought 5 bookstores to five different communities, feeling the need, the desire, and the appetite for books and what can be found in them. We sold our first bookstore to our manager in Oakland. We have two bookstores now, one in LA and one in San Diego.

We’ve been through fires (too many fires), epidemics, a pandemic, recessions, the rise and fall of large chain bookstores, Amazon, wars (too many wars), and all the things we humans have to face in our lives. We’ve decided it is time to scale back a bit and pass along our recent bookstore in San Diego to a new, excited, bookseller to keep the spirit alive, and the tradition going. We’ve thought about it for a very long time, and have decided to live in one place, be in one place, and have one bookstore, our store in LA. We are excited to pass on our beautiful bookstore in Carmel Valley and put it in the hands of someone who will carry the store, and whose energy and vision will take it beyond what we have created.

Carmel Valley suffered when the Barnes & Noble closed years ago at Del Mar Highlands Town Center. They vigorously protested to the landlord, asserting the need and desire to have a bookstore in their community. Some wanted any bookstore, while most wanted an excellent independent community bookstore. The landlord searched for the best one and asked us. Always loving north San Diego and North County, we discussed it and decided to open a bookstore there. The landlord was extremely supportive, finally answering the community’s requests. We are glad and proud to have opened such a beautiful store, and to have readers throughout the area come and appreciate it, support it, sustain it. We have done a lot to build up the store’s offerings, events, and inventory. There is much more that can be done. But that is up to someone else to do, now.  

We are fortunate to have a knowledgeable, dedicated staff that have diverse reading interests, specialties, sensibilities, and histories.

You, our loyal customers, have been a major part of the equation in making a successful bookstore. Having your support has made it possible for this bookstore to not only survive, but now thrive, and grow. It has been an unequalled pleasure, and we feel lucky and grateful to have taken this journey through the pandemic, and out, with you.

We hope to find new owners who will respect what we’ve built and carry on these valuable relationships -- inevitably in their own way. If you or someone you know might be interested in buying Diesel Del Mar, please click the Buyers Guide here for information on how to submit a proposal. If you’d like to respond to this news, you can write to us at sale@dieselbookstore.com. We would like to accomplish the sale by January of 2023.   

With our gratitude,

Alison Reid & John Evans

Diesel, A Bookstore