Diesel Del Mar is for Sale!

Dear Friends,

With this letter we announce that Diesel in Del Mar Highlands, San Diego is for sale. We have spent the past 33 years establishing and nurturing our bookstores. It has been deeply satisfying for the two of us to build a business together and to watch it take off. In 1989, we opened our first bookstore. We wanted it to be fun, smart, helpful, engaging, accessible to everyone, discerning, and delightful. At the time, we were different than many other stores in the area -- we were a bit more playful; our selection was a bit deeper than other general bookstores our size; and we were intensely reader-focused, providing excellent customer service, because we cared. We still do -- about books, about people, about culture, and about our society. We brought our distinct, and distinctive, styles, knowledge, and sensibilities to it all. And people liked it. We still do all of that, and still have wonderful booksellers who believe in that.