DIESEL A.V. Club: Adaptation Trailers


Great things are happening. Great, big, star-studded things are happening at a theater near you. Life of Pi is finally becoming a movie. Watch the trailer, below, it looks like an epic, Dali-inspired acid trip. Then there's The Hobbit, the closest thing to a cinematic sure-thing we could hope for--Peter Jackson's cup runneth over. And finally, the adaptation I talk about at least twice a day, Cloud Atlas. How can it work? How can it possibly work??!

Also look out for: Anna Karenina, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Great Gatsby, and The Bell Jar. It would also seem that the second part of the Breaking Dawn movie is coming out in a few weeks...

1. Life of Pi.


2. The Hobbit.


3. Cloud Atlas.