DIESEL Oakland's Indiegogo Campaign


DIESEL's Indiegogo Campaign


Who We Are

This year DIESEL, A Bookstore in Oakland is celebrating twenty-five years selling books to some of the greatest readers in the world. The San Francisco Bay Area has changed a lot since 1989. World Series on both sides of the Bay have been won and lost. Technologies have boomed, bubbles have burst, and markets have done as they pleased. Over the years our love for the East Bay has only deepened, and we’ve felt the love in return. Kids we watched progress from picture books to poetry are now adults reading to their own children (not to mention a few who are now writing books of their own!).

For twenty-five years we’ve opened our doors to readers new and old, authors unknown and bestselling, and each night closed them knowing that dollar amounts could never truly measure the little joys and long conversations we’d traded in that day. For twenty-five years we’ve turned on our famous DIESEL neon sign with the simple belief that words matter. For twenty-five years, we’ve been A Bookstore.

As you no doubt have heard, recent years have put a significant strain on bookstores like DIESEL. Our pretty simple but deep love for books and the community built around them has been threatened by processes born not of love nor about books at all. We don’t think it is an overstatement to say they threaten us all.

So, to answer the question emboldened above, “Who are we?” We are you. What’s more, we need your help.


What We Need

Our focus has always been about being open and encouraging, whatever your tastes. That you're reading is all that matters. We try to cater to a wide range of tastes, but our specialty is the eclectic. When you step through DIESEL's doors, we want you to see something different, something you’d maybe never heard of, something you never even knew might interest you. Yet there it is, speaking (as it were) to your soul. Much of the money raised by this campaign will enable us to not only keep finding those gems, but bring in the authors, musicians, journalists, community leaders, and academics who created them.

Of course there are times when you need something specific. To aid our keen but certainly not infallible memories, we’ve been using a trusty old computer system that truth-be-told would probably best be put out to pasture. The funds from this campaign will be used to obtain an entirely new computer system, one that will make us better able to pinpoint that exact title that had something to do with owls, that was blue, maybe, or that had a tree on the cover and was mentioned on the radio some time in the last eight months...

The bookstore over the years has acquired a warm and comfortable patina. But after 25 years use it could use some sprucing up. Repainting, repairing, refurbishing and replacing is in order. From sofa to shelves, redecorating the kids department, refitting lights with environmentally-friendly bulbs and fixtures, it all adds up. Time to outfit DIESEL for the next 25 years!


What You Get

Check out some of the truly unique loot we're giving away to those wonderful folks who believe in shopping local, who believe that bookstores make a difference, and who believe that books are so much more than a retail product - they are worlds unto themselves. Here are some of the one-of-a-kind designs we'll have available when the launch goes live, from t-shirts to totebags, buttons to books.   


Read'em and Weep by Barry Gifford
The author of many books, including Night People, and National Endowment for the Arts recipient, Barry Gifford, presents his ideal reading list in this exclusive book published by DIESEL, A Bookstore.


T-shirt 1 


T-shirt 2


Tote Bags: 


DIESEL's 25th Anniversary Tote Bag



DIESEL is a neighborhood bookstore, and you and we are all DIESELfolk. Over the years, we've been honored to include some of finest authors in the world among us too. We've thrown publication parties, held sing-alongs, and brought authors together with the fans who love them. In October of 2012, DIESEL held a special month-long celebration of Michael Chabon's Telegraph Avenue, by transforming the store into Brokeland Records, the fictional vinyl record shop from the novel.

Some of the great authors who have graced our store include: David Sedaris, Geoff Dyer, James Kelman, Jaron Lanier, Junot Diaz, Edan Lepucki, Khaled Hosseini, Daniel Clowes, William Gibson, David Byrne, Ian Rankin, Jeff Kinney, Jane Hirschfield, Jeff Kinney, Chang-Rae Lee, Daniel Alarcon, Gary Snyder, Michael McClure, Fritjof Capra, Dennis Lehane, and Michael Chabon.


Why Help?

We believe a healthy community needs a bookstore. It's a place of gathering, a place of ideas and discussion, a place to bring children (and the child inside you) to open their eyes to the scope and breadth of our world. Of course, we hope that some of the limited-edition swag will appeal to you, but more importantly we hope that you feel like we need to be here.
If you're interested in donating, our campaign will go live on Thursday, September 25th. Click on the image below to sign up for our contact list and we'll notify you directly.  

 DIESEL's Indiegogo Campaign


Other Ways

If you can't donate, there are other ways to help!
  • Buy a book! We're asking for help because times are tough, but the best way to help a bookstore (and dare we presume, yourself) is to buy a book off our shelves.
  • Get the word out! Tweet, Like, or *gasp* physically tell someone about our campaign!


Thank You!

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: a bookstore is nothing without its community. Thank you.