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A 1960s guru sends a troubled American woman back over 400 years into a past life to save her marriage in this classic New York Times–bestselling romance.

Strange things are afoot after English aristocrat Richard Marsdon takes his new wife Celia, an American heiress, to his family home in Sussex. Richard acts out of character, and Celia is suffering a debilitating emotional breakdown.

A friend of Celia’s mother, a wise, Hindu mystic, realizes the couple is haunted by an event from their past lives, and the only way to repair the damage is to send Celia back in time. She journeys back almost four hundred years to the reign of Edward VI and her former life as the servant girl Celia de Bohun—and her doomed love affair with the chaplain Stephen Marsdon. Although Celia and Stephen can’t escape the horrifying consequences of their love, fate—and time—offer them another chance for redemption.

Praise for Anya Seton and Green Darkness

“Seton's use of language, the crisp descriptions, the depth of emotions shown subtly growing to an almost unbearable pinnacle.”—Barbara Samuel, a.k.a. Ruth Wind

“Elegantly mannered and exhaustively researched, the writing of Anya Seton has captivated readers for decades.”—The Austin Chronicle

“Anya Seton has a knack of vividly painting the glory, cruelty, passion, and prejudice of long-ago days.”—Hartford Courant

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ISBN-13: 9780547523972
Publisher: Mariner Books
Publication Date: January 22nd, 1973