The Trials of Nahda ~ Sinclair V-Log PA884/R (Kobo eBook)

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You know the difference between fantasy and reality, right?

Sam Sinclair thought so too, until his boss sent him to Nahda, to arrest a museum researcher for stealing an ancient artefact.

Until the pair find themselves trapped deep below an abandoned fusion reactor, Sam had never had occasion to doubt what was real and what was not.

As events unfold, forcing him to embrace the possibility that what he always believed to be just fantasy, could indeed be very real, his life comes crumbling down around him.

Finding himself now a fugitive of the law, left for dead by his prisoner, and still trapped within the underground city, Sam struggles to accept the evidence of his own eyes.

Some things are impossible aren’t they? Sam thought so too, but what he experienced forced him to look at the universe in a different light.

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ISBN-13: 9781311571090
Publisher: Smashwords Edition
Publication Date: July 7th, 2014