The Apocalypse Blog Book 2: Rising (Kobo eBook)

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"The world is broken. It's broken and it wants to kill us. All of us. I think it might succeed."

The bomb went off nearly four months ago and things are only getting harder for the survivors. Acid rain falls every day, dissolving anything - and anyone - caught in it. Sickness is just starting to creep across the landscape. The dead are stirring. Other groups of survivors battle for food and supremacy.

Faith and her group of Seekers have tried not to fall into the trap of dog-eat-dog. They're trying to hold on to what makes them human, but that might get them killed. How many compromises will they have to make to survive?

This is Faith's story, blogged to a laptop in the hopes that someday, someone will know what really happened when the world ended.

Contains violence, occasional swearing and adult themes.

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ISBN-13: 9781466108790
Publisher: Smashwords Edition
Publication Date: March 2nd, 2012