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A BIOTECH RACE AGAINST TIME TO DEVELOP MILITARY-GRADE DRAGONS. Brilliant genetic engineer Noah Parker is pitted head-to-head against the founder of Build-a-Dragon to design custom dragons for the military.

Genetic engineer Noah Parker has at last landed the job he's long coveted: director of dragon design for the Build-A-Dragon Company. With a combination of genetic engineering and a cryptic device known as the Redwood Codex, he and his team can produce living, breathing dragons made-to-order. But sales of dragons have plummeted, and the Build-A-Dragon Company will have to find new revenue streams if it hopes to stay in business. A contract to develop dragons for the U.S. military promises a much-needed lifeline. Yet the specs are more challenging than anything Noah has ever designed. Worse, he learns that a shadow company headed by former CEO Robert Greaves has stolen the dragon-making technology to make a competing bid. Noah’s dragons will face off against those of his old adversary. It’s a head-to-head design competition, with the ethical future of domesticated dragons hanging in the balance.

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About Domesticating Dragons:
“Koboldt delivers a funny and immersive look at the world of genetic engineering. . . . With characteristic verve, Koboldt contrasts the playful adventure plot with eerie dystopian setting and a searing examination of corporate greed and ambition. Fans of inventive speculative fiction are sure to be pleased.” —Publishers Weekly

About Dan Koboldt:
“. . . very readable and highly enjoyable. . . . Characters that are more than the sum of their parts, a world that has so much to offer, and a story that races along apace . . . ” —SFF World on The World Awakening

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ISBN-13: 9781625798763
Publisher: Baen Publishing Enterprises
Publication Date: September 5th, 2022