Venture into the Stratosphere (Kobo eBook)

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A fascinating, one-of-a-kind memoir that takes readers on a journey to the dawn of the jet age—and reveals how technology will shape the world to come.

Drawing on engineering breakthroughs achieved during World War II, aviation in the 1950s was an exciting and uplifting sequel to the most destructive conflict in history. It gave birth to the jet age and fostered remarkable social changes.

Venture into the Stratosphere is a memoir about the exhilaration and challenges of flying the first jetliners—the de Havilland Comets. Former Irish Air Corpsman and aviation engineer Dominic Colvert explains technical matters in layman’s terms, tells a fascinating love story, examines the post-war ethos, and reveals intimate details of the flight deck in both routine and emergency situations.

By opening a window onto cultural developments after the turn of the century, Colvert offers key insights into how new technologies shape behavior and values. Passenger jets have become a routine part of life for most people, but have you ever wondered—how did we get here? Read Venture into the Stratosphere to find out!