Kids' PJ Party with Michael Genhart PhD!


Michael Genhart at DIESEL, A Bookstore in LarkspurDIESEL, A Bookstore in Larkspur welcomes Michael Genhart, PhD to the store as our guest bedtime reader on Friday, October 6th at 6pm.

Pull on your PJs and bring your teddy bear to the bookstore! Psychologist/author Michael Genhart will be here to read you some bedtime stories from his Friendship Series that includes; Mac & Geez!, Peanut Butter & Jellyous, and Cake & I Scream! Get cozy, listen to a story or two, have some milk and cookies and get your books signed, then head home for bed. 

Peanut Butter and Jelly. Jelly and Peanut Butter. They are ALWAYS together, but when Peanut Butter starts hanging out with other friends, Jelly flips her lid. Find out how these two best friends learn to stick together…while making room for new friends!

Mac and Cheese are best friends. When they are together, they get along really well.  When Cheese starts cutting up and showing off, he really grates on Mac’s nerves. Eventually, Cheese realizes he doesn’t have to be the “Big Cheese” — and that being his warm self is the best way to be.

Cake’s best friend Ice Cream is really cool. He can lick everyone at dodgeball. Together, Cake and Ice Cream love having fun and going to parties, but when Ice Cream wants something, he wants it right now. And if he doesn’t get his way, he has a meltdown. His bossy behavior starts to give everyone a brain freeze. Eventually Ice Cream has an important realization…and becomes his sweet, soft self again!

Michael Genhart, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in San Francisco and Mill Valley, California. He lives with his family in Marin County.

Michael Genhart at DIESEL, A Bookstore in LarkspurCopies of the books will be available soon at DIESEL, A Bookstore.





Event date: 
Friday, October 6, 2017 - 6:00pm to 6:30pm
Event address: 
DIESEL, A Bookstore
2419 Larkspur Landing Circle
Larkspur, CA 94939