Get to Know a Bookseller's Shelf



Great books are a sad sight without great readers. Piled in the corner, they end up burdened by more dust than dog-eared or highlighted pages. We at Diesel are fortunate to have in our daily midst, as customers and coworkers, some of the greatest readers around. Case in point: longtime Oakland bookseller, Margaret Simpson

Margaret's reading tastes run diverse -- from picture books to young adult fiction to modern poetry to religious studies to contemporary literature, she's immersed herself in it all -- and this is one of the reasons we treasure her. (Another being her generosity when she's not reading!)

Time, as it does, though, is passing -- from new job to seasoned vet and now for her into retirement. With much sadness that she is leaving, partially offset by celebration of what she has meant to us all, this edition of "Get To Know a Bookseller's Shelf" (still haven't thought of a better title!) is in honor of Ms. Margaret Simpson. There'll never be another like ya at Diesel.