Make Like Beautiful
Make Life Beautiful
By Syd and Shea McGee

Meet Syd and Shea McGee, the powerhouse couple behind Studio McGee, the fastest-growing interior design studio in the country. Filled with insights and wisdom from their ongoing journey, this uplifting guide shows readers how classic interior design principles can be used to build an authentically beautiful life.

How I Built This
How I Built This: The Unexpected Paths to Success from the World’s Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs
By Guy Raz

Based on the highly acclaimed NPR podcast, How I Built This offers insights and inspiration from the world’s top entrepreneurs on how to start, launch, and build a successful venture. The perfect gift for anyone who has dreamed of following in the footsteps of trailblazing entrepreneurs.

Unapologetically Ambitious
Unapologetically Ambitious
By Shellye Archambeau

Full of empowering wisdom from one of Silicon Valley's first female African American CEOs, this inspiring leadership book offers a blueprint for how to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Your Hidded Superpower
Your Hidden Superpower
By Adrienne Bankert

Kindness isn’t merely about getting along with people and being nice. It’s a game-changer in business, the door opener to fulfillment, and the key to authenticity and confidence. It’s also a superpower that can be honed and is especially important in these divisive times.

The Clear Light
The Clear Light: Spiritual Reflections and Meditations
By Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor has been chosen for the fifth Eckhart Tolle Edition. Taylor’s poetic reflections and meditations consistently remind us of the peace and joy that is possible in every moment.

Wim Hof Method
The Wim Hof Method Activate Your Full Human Potential
By Wim Hof

Wim Hof, trailblazer of human potential, shares a method that anyone can use—not just extreme athletes or spiritual masters—to supercharge their capacity for strength, health, and happiness, and support their immune system.

Dream Big
Dream Big: Know What You Want, Why You Want It, and What You’re Going to Do About It
By Bob Goff

From NYT-bestselling author Bob Goff, creator of the popular Dream Big conferences, comes a wildly inspiring yet utterly practical blueprint for helping readers find and reach their biggest dreams.

Walk Through This
Walk Through This: Harness the Healing Power of Nature and Travel the Road to Forgiveness
By Sarah Schulting Kranz

Travel the road to forgiveness with Sara Schulting Kranz, life coach and certified wilderness guide, in this step-by-step handbook. Readers will discover the inner courage they need to reconnect with nature, overcome setbacks and trauma, and develop the necessary tools to build a life of fulfillment and purpose.

How to Be Yourself
How to Be Yourself: Life-Changing Advice from a Reckless Contrarian
By Simon Doonan

Radically honest advice from renowned fashion arbiter Simon Doonan of “Making It”: the ideal instructor to help readers find—and then flaunt—their own creative style and vision. A survival guide for the new decade— literary GPS that promises to bring us back to ourselves.